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This lunch-box style case is the ideal shield for that one of a kind "trophy camera" that you are bringing to the repair facility or the camera club. It is made of 3 ply high tech fabrics that are water resistant, temperature resistant, and nearly dust proof as well as comfortably padded with an internal divider to keep your cargo from scratching or slipping inside.

The nylon handle on the top makes for easy transport while keeping its discrete overall appearance. This low price camera case pays for itself the first time it absorbs a blow that otherwise would have marred that one-of-a-kind optic or camera. Don't forget the problem of water condensing on metal and glass in humid environments. This bag provides slower temperature changes than canvas and thus minimizes the condensation that occurs from sudden passage from an air-conditioned room into a steamy summer day. It also provides a comfortable dust-free home for those cameras you chose not to keep behind glass when they are not in use.


  • Materials: ballistic nylon, PVC
  • Size: (outer) 165mm long x 100mm tall x 95mm wide
  • Color(s): Black
  • Item ID: WCAM-60

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